Event period: 13-19 October 2022


Eligibility: NTU first-year students (2022-2023 academic year).

How to participate:

1. Please watch the following video (https://reurl.cc/lexGRQ), then follow the Online Prize Quiz link (https://reurl.cc/LMK2MX) to share your thoughts, answer a few short questions, and leave your personal details.

2. Winners must bring their student ID card and collect their prize in person (signature required).





1. Prizes won by overseas students who stay in Taiwan for fewer than 183 days in a taxable year are subject to a 20% tax.

2. Winners who are early admission students, transfer students, readmitted students, or students directly admitted to doctoral programs (i.e. student ID does not begin with B11, R11, D11 or P11) must sign a written declaration when collecting their prize.



~The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event. Any changes to the event or other relevant matters will be announced via the website of the Office of Student Affairs, NTU.~





NTU Retractable ID Card Holder

Big Stupid Bird vs Ball Sparrow Youyou NTU Metal Medallion Set (orange or purple)

NTU Campus Life Tote Bag

National Taiwan University x Kikushui Paper Tape

NTU coaster (cyan)

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